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The Secret Side Of A Brilliant ICU Physician Revealed

As I look at his obituary pictures, I can’t help but feel a sense of longing. I wish I could have known him – that other side of him that his family, friends, and colleagues are sharing in their photos.

Survey: 43% Of Physicians Regret Their Career Choice

Researchers discovered only 57.5 percent of physicians said they would choose to become a physician again, compared to 72.2 percent of physicians in 2020.

New ABIM Fees To Remain Listed As Board Certified Rile Doctors

Abdul Moiz Hafiz, MD, was flabbergasted when he received a phone call from his institution's credentialing office telling him that he was not certified for interventional cardiology ― even though he had passed that exam in 2016.

Human Brains Show Larger-Than-Life Activity At Moment Of Death

The brains of dying people may spark to sudden life in their final moments. Two apparently brain-dead people taken off of life-support showed sudden spikes in neural activity, according to a study published on Monday.

5 Pieces Of Advice Every Young Doctor Needs To Hear

As I finish my 21st year of clinical practice, I have been reflecting a lot about my career. Several friends asked me for advice as their children begin medical school.

The Patients Who Regret Laser Eye Surgery: ‘My Life’s Stood Still Since Then’

Surgeons view Lasik as routine, but patient advocates and some experts say the complication rate is far higher than reported. Until last year, Robin Kyle Reeves lived an active life in Laurel Hill, Florida.

States With Abortion Bans See Drop In Residency Applicants

The complexities emerging from abortion bans and restrictions since Roe v. Wade was overturned have led to fewer residency applications in states with these restrictions, according to emerging data.

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