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MOC: An Insult to Oncologists Engaged In Patient Care

This month, I want to address Maintenance of Certification. I am far from the only doctor, and certainly far from the only oncologist, to recently comment on the topic of Maintenance of Certification.

Applying to Residency? Here Are 4 Traits Of All-Star Residents

Success is much more than scoring well on a test. While the definition of success means different things to different people, in general the most successful residents are not necessarily the ones who have all the answers or are the best at procedures.

New Approaches Show Promise In Helping People With Low-Back Pain

Millions of adults struggle for years with chronic low-back pain—a disabling ailment that has no easy fix. Researchers say nonsurgical interventions can be more effective and less expensive than surgical treatments.

It’s Time For Burnout To Become A Quality Metric

I completed a fellowship in quality improvement, making quality metrics an integral part of my career for the past 15 years. At times, these metrics can be frustrating, especially when reimbursement is tied to constantly shifting targets.

Inappropriate Cardiac Imaging Triggers Too Many Alarms

A dizzying array of cardiac imaging tools allows clinicians to visualize the structure and function of the heart better than ever before, making it difficult to keep up with appropriate indications for their use.

Median Physician Productivity Changes, By Specialty Area

Primary care had the largest increase in reported median wRVU (work relative value units) productivity from 2022 to 2023, driven by the 2021 physician fee schedule changes to evaluation and management wRVU values, according to one new survey.

A Single Infusion Of A Gene-Editing Treatment Lowered High Cholesterol

It’s still early days for a novel form of gene therapy called base editing, but this small study in people with extremely high cholesterol shows striking results.

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