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Pursuing My Passions: Why I Didn't Do Residency After Medical School

"Why did you decide not to do residency?" Whether from family, friends, or strangers, this is by far the most common question I've been asked in the past year.

Covid-19 Hospitalizations Jump 30%: ‘Virus Is Still Very Much With Us’

In the rush of holiday activities, you may have forgotten about COVID-19 — but it hasn’t forgotten about us.

Biology, Anatomy ... And Finance? More Med Students Get Business Degrees, Too

Jasen Gundersen never considered a career in business when he entered medical school nearly three decades ago to become a rural primary care doctor.

Hope For Thousands Battling MS As Scientists Find Brain Injections Can Stave Off Damage From Illness

Hope of a treatment is on the horizon for people with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) from a stem cell injection into the brain.

The Toll Of Health Care: Suicide Risk Among Professionals

Our health care workers—nurses, physicians, and support staff—are at a heightened risk of committing suicide. Plain and simple.

CPR Can Be Lifesaving For Some, Futile For Others. Here's What Makes The Difference

Recently, I wrote about the dark side of CPR. Despite a common misperception that CPR can rescue almost anyone from the brink of death, most people that receive it don't survive.

Nearly Everyone With Mild Cognitive Impairment Goes Undiagnosed

Millions of older adults likely have minor memory issues that can later become dementia. But only a fraction of them are diagnosed early enough for new treatments to stand a chance.