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The Hidden Dangers Of Prioritizing Patient Happiness

The concept of patient-centered care has become pervasive in the health care industry over the last decade. However, as a health care provider, I often wonder if this approach is truly effective in improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Physicians Rethink The Annual Visit

Some physicians are reconsidering the value of the annual physical, pointing to long waits for primary care visits and studies that indicate yearly physical exams don't have a clear connection to improved health among asymptomatic patients.

Lying Flat Shows Big Benefit In LVO Stroke

Patients with acute ischemic stroke who have large vessel occlusion (LVO) have shown an impressive benefit from having their head lowered to a flat position until they are able to undergo thrombectomy in a new landmark randomized clinical trial.

Can We Finally Say Goodbye To Opioids? There May Be New Pain Relief On The Horizon.

Soon, doctors might be able to prescribe an oral sodium channel-blocking medication, giving us a non-opiate central pain-treating Cav2.2 calcium channel blocker and a Nav1.8 sodium channel blocker for peripheral pain. Let’s look at why this matters.

Orthopedic Surgeons On Track To Earn Less Than Taco Bell Workers

Declining reimbursements to surgeons under Medicare and private insurance for total joint replacement procedures are creating an untenable situation, researchers warned.

Hypertriglyceridemia In Young Adults Raises Red Flag

Persistent hypertriglyceridemia is linked to an increased risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D) in young adults, independent of lifestyle factors.

She Was Headed To A Locked Psych Ward. Then An ER Doctor Made A Startling Discovery.

A physician’s gut instinct about a young woman led to a diagnosis that had been overlooked for years. The 23-year-old patient arrived in the back of a police car and was in four point restraints — hands and feet strapped to a gurney — when emergency physician Elizabeth Mitchell saw her at a Los Angeles hospital early on March 17.

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