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The Plight Of The Late-Bloomer Physician

I'm wondering if there are any docs out there -- past, present and future -- who feel they've been born at the wrong time. I certainly do.

Once A Pillar, Now In Ruins: The State Of Primary Care

Primary care outpatient general internal medicine is dead. Following a lengthy decline over years of languishing, it finally succumbed to terminal underappreciation and fiscal neglect. We shall never see the likes of it again.

Do You Really Know A UTI When You See It?

An updated clinical approach to diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTIs) that considers five potential phenotype categories instead of the usual three could aid clinical management and better center patient needs, according to the authors of a new study.

When It Comes To The EMR, Little Things Matter A Lot

Click. Click. Click. All day long, we interact with the electronic medical record (EMR), and in so many ways it does an incredible job of helping us take care of our patients.

Toxic Work Culture In Surgery: Can It Be Fixed?

After destroying a light fixture in the OR and being written up for another episode of disorderly conduct, John was at the end of his wits. His marriage, profession, and self-respect were all on the line, and in the eyes of everyone around him, he was another surgical monster.

Physician Practice Settings With The Worst Shortages

Hospitals reported the most severe physician shortage among practice settings, according to the "2024 Physician Compensation Report," published May 23. Researchers surveyed more than 1,100 physicians in a broad range of specialties between February and March.

Nephrologist Going Prison For Insider Trading Involving Alexion Pharmaceuticals

A kidney doctor with practices in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Kingston was sentenced to federal prison for insider trading on Tuesday. Dr. Paul Feldman of Advanced Kidney Care was sentenced to six months in the Otisville Federal Correctional Facility for participating in a $4 million insider trading scheme.

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