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Urgent Care Must Be Reexamined ... Urgently

Wouldn't it be better if we just fix what was broken, since we know how to do this?In this Sunday's newspaper there was a full double-spread story in the Sunday Business section about the importance and growth of urgent care centers and the role they play in healthcare.

A Mid-Marathon Cardiac Arrest, An MD's Crisis Of Confidence

I was running my 25th New York City Marathon. It was 2018, and I almost pulled out of running that year. I wasn't myself, and maybe that's an understatement.

The Broken Medicare System Is Forcing Physicians Out

In any career, 25 years of dedicated work is a lot to let go of. In medicine, it amounts to hundreds of patient relationships, and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into starting and maintaining a practice.

How Dogs Help Us Lead Longer, Healthier Lives

Research shows that canine companions can help with stress, allergies and even cardiovascular disease, in part by giving us a reason to focus on the future. Dogs seem to make us healthier than we would be without them.

CDC: Measles Deaths Jumped Over 40% From 2021 To 2022

Declines in measles vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic have been tied to an uptick in measles cases, deaths and major outbreaks worldwide.

Why Physicians Need Financial Independence And How To Achieve It

In the modern world, physicians are respected and highly regarded for their compassion, dedication, skill, and knowledge. People value the effort physicians put into taking care of others often before taking care of themselves.

The Arctic Permafrost Is 1,000 Years Old. As It Thaws, Scientists Worry What It Might Unleash

In one troubling case, dozens of people were sickened − and thousands of reindeer were killed − when anthrax spores emerged from the thawing permafrost in an Arctic region of Siberia.

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