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GoPros, Gummies, Recklessness: Why Ski Slopes Are Getting More Perilous

Last month, Mariusz Wirga, a Long Beach doctor, saw a break in his packed schedule, grabbed his skis and dashed off to Mt. Baldy to enjoy the fantastic new snow left by a recent storm.

Overlord Or Underachiever: AI Poised To Disrupt Eye Care

You can't spell "ophthalmologist" without artificial intelligence (AI) — a fact that might have many eye specialists looking warily over their shoulders. But should they be concerned, or is it time to embrace the new technology?

A Crisis Of Alcoholism Is Surging In The United States

The CDC is trying, desperately, it seems, to pound a square peg into a round hole, blaming COVID-19 for a surge in alcohol use and ignoring a glaring problem with the evidence.

39 Physician Specialties By Industry Payments

Physicians were paid $12.13 billion between 2013 and 2022, according to a report published March 28. The report, "Industry Payments to US Physicians by Specialty and Product Type," used data from CMS' Open Payments platform to determine payments.

Nearly 80% Of Physicians Now Employed By Hospitals, Corporations

More than 77% of U.S. physicians are employed by hospitals, health systems or corporate entities, according to a recent study.

In The Womb, A Brother's Hormones Can Shape A Sister's Future

A sibling can change your life — even before you're born. That's because when males and females share a womb, sex hormones from one fetus can cause lasting changes in the others.

Are You Fit for Your Age? Test Yourself With These Exercises

How fast you can run a mile and the number of push-ups you can crank out aren’t just good for fitness bragging rights. They’re indicators of how well you’re aging.

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