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How PCPs Are Penalized For Positive Outcomes From Lifestyle Change

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2022 National Quality Strategy is described as an "ambitious long-term initiative that aims to promote the highest quality outcomes and safest care for all individuals."

A Surgeon Said No: The Catalyst For My Evolution

“When are you expecting?” Eighteen months after my third child was born, I was tired of hearing this question. In addition to the embarrassment I felt, I became increasingly worried that something was wrong with me as my body stubbornly held its postpartum shape.

Report: Physician Shortage Smaller Than Previously Expected

New projections pointed to a significant shortage of physicians in the next 10 to 15 years, albeit one smaller than previously anticipated, according to a report.

Largest US Independent Primary Care Network Accused Of Medicare Fraud

A Maryland firm that oversees the nation’s largest independent network of primary care medical practices is facing a whistleblower lawsuit alleging it cheated Medicare out of millions of dollars using billing software “rigged” to make patients appear sicker than they were.

Physician Specialties With The Happiest Marriages

The "Physician Lifestyle and Happiness Report 2024" calculated the number of physicians by specialty who described their marriage as "very good" or "good." This year, eight specialties came in at 85% or above for happy marriages, and three were over 90%.

To The Physician Who Didn’t Match: You Are Not Forgotten

Match day. Many of you are rejoicing in the outcomes, while many of you might be experiencing these “other” emotions. They might sound like rejection, shame, hopelessness, despair, disappointment, anger, exhaustion, or self-doubt.

The Specialty That May See Patient Loads Fall

By 2045, the patient load per physician for gynecologic oncologists is estimated to fall 30%. The researchers used Census Bureau data and Cancer Statistics data to make age-specific projections for women through 2045, and age-specific incidence for uterine, ovarian, cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers from 2010-2019.

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