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Doctor Or DNP: Who Is Really Providing Care?

It can be confusing and overwhelming for patients to navigate the medical system and get the care they need, at the time they need it, and within the parameters of their insurance.

Don't Call Them 'Private Parts'

I'm Dr Rachel Rubin, a urologist with fellowship training in sexual medicine. Today, I'd like to talk about private parts. You know: the genitals, down there.

The Erosion Of Patient Care

The Black Eyed Peas asked, “Where is the love?” and that’s what I wonder, too. As medicine – oops, I’m supposed to say “health care” – has become more and more corporate, what has been slipping away is the love.

A New Way to Protect Against Heart Attacks

It is increasingly clear to researchers that inflammation can raise the risk of a heart attack. Now doctors have a drug that addresses that risk.

Addressing Dual Diagnosis Needs In Addiction Treatment

The only time my anxiety was gone, or at least on pause, was when Luke was in a treatment center or sobriety house. I knew he was safe and surrounded by those who understood the game.

'Con Man' Gets Another Top Hospital Job, This Time At Penn Medicine

A convicted felon who hopscotched his way into high-paying health executive positions all over the country despite a federal prison term has once again landed in a top position -- albeit briefly -- this time at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.

The Physician Specialties With The Least Burnout

Public health and preventive medicine physicians reported having the least burnout of physician specialties, according to the latest report on physician burnout and depression.

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