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The Direct Care Model’s Win-Win For Patients And Physicians

As I approach 25 years of practicing medicine in the same community where my parents dedicated 50 years to their medical careers, I’ve been privileged to develop lasting relationships with individuals who have entrusted me with their health care.

Stripped Privileges: An Alarming Precedent For Community Oncologists?

Community oncologists across the United States are concerned about a recent lawsuit in Philadelphia between the Jefferson Health hospital system and the largest independent oncology and hematology practice in southeastern Pennsylvania, Alliance Cancer Specialists.

Pancreatic Cancer Doesn't Have To Be A Death Sentence

According to the statistics, Scott Nelson and Steve Nelson shouldn't be alive today. The Nelsons are brothers who live in Minnesota. They are two of the rare survivors of pancreatic cancer.

Time To Retire Quarantine: Why 5-Day Isolation Guidelines Are Doing More Harm Than Good

I’m making morning rounds on the pediatric unit today: First up, 4-year-old twins with a severe asthma flare; next an infant with bronchiolitis on supplemental oxygen; then a dehydrated 3-year-old listless in bed.

At 52 Weeks, Hair Growth Still Climbing On Deuruxolitinib

The open-label extension trials of deuruxolitinib for alopecia areata in adults show a persistent climb in response with the majority of patients achieving complete or near complete hair regrowth by 52 weeks.

How Celebrity Surgeon Scammer Paolo Macchiarini Fooled So Many for So Long

Seven years ago, world-renowned surgeon Paolo Macchiarini was the subject of an ongoing investigation. He had seduced award-winning NBC producer Benita Alexander while she was making a special about him, proposed, and promised her a wedding officiated by Pope Francis and attended by political A-listers.

7 Of The Biggest Medical Breakthroughs In 2023

From new vaccines to the first drugs of their kind for hard-to-treat disorders, 2023 has been a year full of medical breakthroughs. They offer opportunities for people to protect themselves from diseases, slow down the effects of others and even incorporate artificial intelligence into cancer diagnoses.

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