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The National Association of Medical Doctors (NAMD) is committed to its members by offering distinguished awards, grants, fellowships, scholarships, graduate fellowships, education, conferences, journals and other services. We offer physicians alternatives to burn-out careers and legal guidance for getting out of non-complete agreements. We provide opportunities to buy or sell your practice, and recruit other physicians without any cost.

We also provide members with useful free services and wonderful new member benefits worth over $50,000.

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NAMD Member Spotlight

Every month we’ll be spotlighting a different Physician on our new website. If you have an interesting career or have friends that you want to "Spotlight" please let us know.


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The National Association of Medical Doctors (NAMD) has been serving Physicians since 1983. We’re located in Sausalito, CA. We offer our members an Honor Society, Journals, Scholarships and Career Satisfaction. We look forward to offering a free Virtual Hospital soon.