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How One Bernie Sanders Tweet Cost This Drug Company $387 M

Sanders took the company to task on social media for raising prices on luekemia treatments and the markets noticed. With a single tweet, Sen. Bernie Sanders has cost Ariad Pharmaceuticals $387 million.

My Last Day As A Surgeon

In May of 2013, the Stanford University neurosurgical resident Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic lung cancer. He was thirty-six years old. In his two remaining years—he died in March of 2015—he continued his medical training, became the father to a baby girl, and wrote beautifully about his experience facing mortality as a doctor and a patient.

80% Of Data In Chinese Clinical Trials Have Been Fabricated

The report uncovered fraudulent behaviour at almost every level, and showed that some pharmaceutical companies had hidden or deleted records of potentially adverse side effects, and tampered with data that didn't meet their desired outcomes.

Big Pharma Suffers Another Major Blow, Cholesterol Drugs Worthless

Now, scientists are reporting that cholesterol drugs, which 15 million Americans are prescribed, are also completely worthless. A group of international researchers published a study that found no link between what’s known as “bad” cholesterol and death as a result of heart disease in individuals over 60 years of age.

The Honest Reasons Why This Doctor Chose Internal Medicine

As an internal medicine physician, the #3 question people most often ask me is why I chose to be an internist. (The top two being “What is internal medicine?” and “What’s this thing growing on my genitals?”) So I thought that I would pull back the curtain and show how I made my decision.

Student Discovers A Way To Destroy Superbug Bacteria Without Antibiotics

A 25-year-old student has discovered a way to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria without pummeling them with more antibiotics. Shu Lam successfully destroyed superbugs in lab tests using a star-shaped polymer that literally rips the cells to shreds.

Is An MBA Worth It For An MD?

As the healthcare industry continues to change by way of care packages and insurance policies for patients, many doctors are seeking to learn the same business knowledge and skills that MBA graduates learn. In a trillion dollar industry having some sort of knowledge about accounting, investing, and marketing is more than helpful especially for physicians looking to start their own practice.

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