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The Unfair Blame On Primary Care Physicians

When plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Pearl published his op-ed, “How Doctor Culture Sinks U.S. Healthcare,” a polemic essay critical of primary care physicians like me, he set off a firestorm. While he made some valid points, Dr. Pearl also blamed many of the preventative health failures in the U.S. squarely on the shoulders of primary care physicians...

WHO: Most Fully Vaccinated People Who Get Covid Delta Infections Are Asymptomatic

Covid hospitalizations are rising in some parts of the world, mostly where vaccination rates are low and the highly contagious delta variant is spreading.

Emergency Medicine’s Original Sin

The misperception that paramedics are merely ambulance drivers is everyone’s problem. Lindsey Kaczmarek gets called an ambulance driver more often than she gets called a paramedic. “That’s absolutely not what I do,” she told me.

COVID Risks at the Tokyo Olympics Aren’t Being Managed, Experts Say

Current prevention measures may not be enough to prevent an outbreak. When officials postponed the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo until 2021 last year, the announcement came amid similar decisions from professional sports leagues and regional and national stay-at-home orders.

Have Doctors Been Focusing On The Wrong Asthma Triggers?

Nicole Lawson spent the beginning of the pandemic incredibly worried about her daughter, who has asthma. Five-year-old Scarlett’s asthma attacks were already landing her in the ER or urgent care every few months.

Government Oversight Of Covid Air Cleaners Leaves Gaping Holes

Stephen Matthew Shumaker counted on in-home, in-person demonstrations to drive his water filtration business, which serves the Atlanta area. So when covid-19 hit and no one was inviting people indoors, he turned to the air-cleaning part of his operation.

NYC Covid Cases Rising As Delta Surges, Vaccines Slow

Covid-19 infections in New York City are climbing for the first time in months as the delta variant gains traction and vaccination rates in some boroughs remain stubbornly low.

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