Thu 14 May, 2020

What Medical Insurers Are Doing For Their Members

What Medical Insurers Are Doing For Their Members

Is your insurer offering expanded benefits, waiving cost sharing for COVID-10 treatments, emotional support or more?


    ◦    Aetna, National:  [View general COVID guidance here.] Aetna has approved behavioral health telemedicine services (i.e., Outpatient E/M services and psychotherapy) – including allowing some services to be provided via telephone and waiving copays. See their  [letter to clinicians]and  [information on approved behavioral health telemedicine services].
    ◦    Always Health Plan:  [View guidance.] 
    ◦    Anthem, National:  [View guidance.]
        Anthem Georgia:  [View guidance.]
        BlueCross BlueShield, National:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross Arkansas:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BCBS Arizona:  [View guidance.]
        BlueShield California:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross Idaho:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross Illinois:  [View guidance.]     

    ◦    BCBS Kansas City:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BCBS Louisiana:  [View guidance.]
        BCBS Massachusetts:   [View guidance.]
    ◦    BCBS Michigan:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross Minnesota:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross Montana:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross North Carolina:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BlueCross ND:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    BCBS South Carolina:  [View guidance .]
    ◦    BlueCross Tennessee:  [View guidance .]
    ◦    Capitol Blue:  [View guidance.]
        CareFirst:  [View guidance .]
    ◦    CareOregon:  [View guidance ]
    ◦    Cigna:  [View guidance .] 
    ◦    Conneticare:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Excellus BlueShield:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care:  [View guidance .] 
    ◦    HealthNet:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Health New England:  [View guidance .]
    ◦    Highmark:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Horizon:  [View guidance.]  
    ◦    Humana:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Independence Blue Cross:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Magellan:  [View guidance. ]
        Optum Behavioral Health [View guidance.] 
    ◦    Premera BlueCross:  [View guidance.] 
    ◦    Regence:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Scott and White Health Plan:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Tufts Health Plan:  [View guidance .]
    ◦    Vantage Health Plan:  [View guidance.]
    ◦    Wellmark Blue Cross:  [View guidance.]

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