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The Perils Of Being Your Own Doctor

When an experienced physician became convinced he had ALS, none of the specialists he consulted could persuade him he was perfectly healthy

Government On Track To Forgive Up To $131,000 Each In Student Debt For Thousands Of Doctors

Program was intended to help modestly paid teachers and public defenders.

Colorado: Kids' ER Visits For Marijuana Have Surged Since Legalization

Colorado’s laws on labeling and child-resistant packaging have been unable to stop an increase of young kids ending up in the emergency room after accidentally consuming marijuana. Edibles account for nearly half of accidental exposures.

The Paradox Of Radiation

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, a Chicago physician discovered that X-rays could heal. He was right—for the wrong reasons.

Depressed? Your Therapist Might Prescribe Ketamine Soon

It may take some time to get the general public used to the idea of treating mental illness with drugs many associate with hard partying, but the medical community is jumping aboard the psychedelics train

Seven Deadliest Emergency General Surgeries

Seven types of operations, including appendectomy and gall bladder removal, account for four out of five emergency general-surgery deaths in the United States, a new study reports.

Top US Hospital: 50% Of Surgeries Have Drug Related Errors

Nearly half of all surgeries at one of the nation's top hospitals involve some kind of medication error or unintended drug side effect, a rate likely to be found at other U.S. hospitals, researchers said.

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