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Exodus of Arizona Medical Grads Causes Concern

American Medical Review - Medical schools in Arizona more than doubled their enrollment in the past decade, but most of those young doctors won't establish a practice in an Arizona neighborhood or work at a local hospital.

Critical Shortage Of Internal Medicine Physicians Foreseen

American Medical Review - Only 23 percent of U.S. medical students plan to practice internal medicine and just 2 percent intend to become general practitioners, leading to a possible healthcare crisis, researchers reported.

Can Doctors Learn Empathy?

American Medical Review - My colleague loved performing surgery as much as anyone I had ever met. Every morning he bounded into the hospital, full of energy and cheerful anticipation of the day’s surgical schedule, his prominent mouth stretched into a broad grin.

Boy's Cancer Detection Tool Wins Science Fair Top Prize

American Medical Review - A 15-year-old Maryland boy took the top prize of $75,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2012 with his creation of a noninvasive pancreatic cancer detection tool, while two local students received cash awards for an anti-tumor cancer treatment and an iPhone navigational tool for the visually impaired.

Hospital Pricing Adds Confusion to Consumer's Pain

American Medical Review - When Augie Hong awoke with severe abdominal pain nearly two years ago, he went to the hospital emergency room closest to his home in San Francisco. The diagnosis was acute appendicitis, and doctors removed his inflamed appendix.

Mr. Hong had health insurance, so he wasn't too worried about paying. Then the bills started to arrive.

Drowning In A Sea Of Health Complaints

American Medical Review - The patient was a classic “worried-well” type of patient — a thin, 50-year-old educated woman with a long litany of nonspecific, unrelated complaints and tight worry lines carved into her face. She unfolded a sheet of paper on that Thursday morning in my office with a brisk snap, and my heart sank as I saw 30 lines of hand-printed concerns.

Teen Wins $100,000 Prize for Potential Cancer Cure

American Medical Review - A 17-year-old from Cupertino, California recently won a $100,000 grand prize for developing a possible cancer cure.

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