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Pink Ribbons And Murder Boobs

I woke up this morning to a flood of ballerina pink emails for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The irony was not lost on me as I rolled over in bed, protecting my body from the healing scars of where my breasts used to be. “I don’t even like pink,” I muttered to myself, while swallowing feelings of guilt.

Survey: 1 In 5 Physicians Has Considered Quitting Their Current Job

The Physician Nonclinical Careers Report 2021 published Oct. 8 found one in five physicians has considered leaving their current job to pursue nonclinical careers. Researchers surveyed more than 2,500 physicians across the U.S. for the annual report.

Is Delta Plus Why UK Covid Cases Are So High Compared To Europe?

Cases spread rapidly in schools as U.K. vaccination drive lags. Daily new cases are running at highest levels since mid-July.

'A Quiet Suffering': Primary Care Struggles With Covid-19 Strain, Telemedicine Rollbacks

Telemedicine continues to be an integral method of care delivery for primary care physicians as COVID-19 drags on, according to a new survey, even as some states and payers begin to pare back virtual care access and coverage.

18 Former NBA Players Arrested By Federal Authorities In Alleged Health Care Scam

Glen "Big Baby" Davis, who won an NBA title with the Boston Celtics, and former high school sensation Sebastian Telfair are among the defendants.

Is Passive Income A Lie?

As a child, I remember watching superstar athletes like Wayne Gretzky glide so effortlessly on the ice and dreaming about how easy life would be to be blessed with innate talent.

We Lift Bodies Into The Morgue

We are healthcare professionals with different medical practices, but one common denominator prevails: the worst part of our professional lives compels us both to combat misinformation, and make sure that Americans understand the importance of getting vaccinated.

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