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We Need To Stop Blaming The Doctors

“Why do they book your well-child checks for 15 minutes?” my medical student asked me yesterday. I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Gut reaction – like when you laugh instead of cry. I explained that all of our appointments are 15 minutes – well-checks (regardless of age), to colds, to suicidality or chest pain.

Study: Pfizer & Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines May Be Far Less Effective Against South Africa Variant

A new report states that the South African COVID-19 mutation renders existing vaccines less effective. The first known case of the South African variant appeared in the U.S. in January.

Most Coronavirus Deaths Occurred In Countries Where Most Adults Are Overweight

The vast majority of global coronavirus deaths occurred in nations with high levels of obesity, according to a report linking overweight populations with more severe coronavirus-related illness and mortality.

Maybe We’re Not All Hanging In There. And That’s Ok.

Long ago, in the BC (before COVID) era, I would chat up a local in a foreign country. Their usual response upon learning I was from the U.S. would be to seek clarification on aspects of American culture found most peculiar. There were your usual suspects — the Electoral College, imperial versus metric systems, and why we’re obsessed with the Kardashians — but the most common question was about our unabashed friendliness towards complete strangers.

Statin Users 50% Less Likely To Die In Hospital From Severe COVID-19

A new study suggests that taking statins may help reduce the risk of dying from severe COVID-19. In the study, people who regularly took statins before they developed COVID-19 were roughly 50% less likely to die in the hospital than people who did not.

Why Winter Exercise Can Be Especially Hard On The Lungs

Canadian Olympic hopeful Katherine Stewart-Jones can't remember when she first started experiencing a cough she and other cross-country skiers call "race hack," but she said it was probably when she started competing in her early teen years.

How A Medical Student Helped Discover Lifesaving Insulin

For people with diabetes, the inability to produce enough or any insulin leads to a myriad of problems. Thankfully, the discovery of the pancreatic hormone paved the way to lifesaving treatments for people around the world. On this day in 1899, one of the people responsible for that breakthrough, Charles H. Best, was born.

Opioids And Chronic Pain: An Analytic Review Of The Clinical Evidence

We conducted an analytic review of the clinical scientific literature bearing on the use of opioids for treatment of chronic non-cancer pain. There is substantial, albeit not definitive, scientific evidence of the effectiveness of opioids in treating pain and of high variability in opioid dose requirements and side effects.