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New Guide Helps Doctors Identify Signs Of Trouble In Military Families

Primary Care clinicians in Massachusetts have a valuable new tool to help them spot signs of emotional difficulties in military-connected children and families.  The Toolkit for the Well-Child Screening of Military Children is presented on-line as a public service by the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Home Base Program..

Hospitals Renew Battle To Hire Doctors In California

Time is almost up for oncologist John Rochat. For the last four years, he's been an employee of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital under a pilot program that expires in exactly one month.

Fewer Orthopedic Surgeons Seeing Kids

Orthopedic surgeons are much more hesitant to see kids with broken bones than they were a decade ago, suggests new research from California.

Top Court Considers California Medicaid Cuts

The Supreme Court opened its new term this month and considered whether Medicaid recipients and medical providers may sue California for cutting reimbursement rates in the healthcare program for low-income Americans.

Hospitals Hiring More Doctors

The number of medical practices acquired by hospitals has more than doubled in recent years, but higher health-care costs may be one offshoot of those pairings, some experts say.

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