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Physicians Did Not Go To Provider School

“If both of you are the same, then one of you is unnecessary.” That’s one of my brother-in-law’s favorite quotes, and I think it’s applicable to the ongoing debate for physicians to be called “physicians” instead of “providers.”

'Wish This Was True': Physicians React To Declaration That Pandemic Is Over

A declaration from the White House that the COVID-19 pandemic is over is not sitting well with physicians, who say the nation's current death rate and high transmission signal otherwise.

Are We Too Scared To Talk To Our Patients About Their Weight?

Talking about weight isn’t easy. Case in point, I was scheduled to perform five back-to-back fluoroscopically guided procedures. This was not unusual, but all my scheduled patients happened to be seriously overweight.

Quiet Quitting: Are Physicians Dying Inside Bit by Bit? Or Setting Healthy Boundaries?

In the past few months, "quiet quitting" has garnered increasing traction across social media platforms. My morning review of social media revealed thousands of posts ranging from "Why doing less at work could be good for you — and your employer" to "After 'quiet quitting' here comes 'quiet firing.'"

New Alzheimer’s Diagnoses More Common Among Seniors Who Have Had Covid-19

A recent study of more than 6 million people 65 and older found that seniors who had Covid-19 had a substantially higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease within a year.

Study: Physician Burnout Higher In 2021 Than 2020

About 63% of physicians surveyed experienced at least one manifestation of burnout in 2021, shooting up from 38% in 2020 and representing the highest amount in a decade of recurring survey findings.

Why Do So Many Kids Need Glasses Now?

A decade into her optometry career, Marina Su began noticing something unusual about the kids in her New York City practice. More of them were requiring glasses, and at younger and younger ages.

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