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Covid-19 Toll In US Is About To Surpass 1918 Pandemic Death

U.S. is just short of 675,000-death estimate of flu pandemic. Delta variant has pushed the U.S. into a dangerous new phase.

Physicians Have Gone From Being Heroes To Villains

I am exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically. I fear we are reaching our breaking point. We have run a marathon, hoping that we were nearing the finish line as we saw numbers decline in June, only to be told to lace up our sneakers and start over.

Pfizer: Israel Data Shows 3rd Covid Shot Restores Protection From Infection To 95% As It Makes Case To FDA For Boosters

While the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine wanes over time, a booster shot was shown to elicit an immune response similar to the protection generated after a second dose, Pfizer said.

To My Fellow Physicians Who Are Struggling With Suicidal Ideation

Thanks for gathering today in this anonymous detached space. Since it’s unlikely that we’ll ever publicly convene in a circle on metal folding chairs, I’m reaching out through this letter. You can peruse this in private and perhaps see a piece of yourself here.

Florida Cardiologist Pays $6.75M To Settle Allegations He Falsified EHR Notes For Profit

Ashish Pal, MD, an Orlando, Fla.-based cardiologist, paid $6.75 million to resolve allegations from the Justice Department that he violated the False Claims Act by performing medically unnecessary procedures for profit.

The Tangled History Of mRNA Vaccines

Hundreds of scientists had worked on mRNA vaccines for decades before the coronavirus pandemic brought a breakthrough. In late 1987, Robert Malone performed a landmark experiment. He mixed strands of messenger RNA with droplets of fat, to create a kind of molecular stew.

Your Best Defense? Don’t Play By The Rules In A Medical Malpractice Case.

Unfortunate outcomes are inevitable even when practicing quality medicine. Most are random events, but some are medical errors. The majority of physicians have been sued and those, who have not, will be. Common to all defendants is that the lawsuit is totally fallacious.