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Surgeons Double, Triple Booking Procedures That Residents Perform

Doctors at some of the largest US teaching hospitals are blowing the whistle on a lucrative practice they say endangers patients: Surgeons scheduling two or even three operations at virtually the same time, leaving during critical portions, then billing Medicare for work they didn’t do.

Misunderstandings About Opioid Use Disorder

At a recent scientific conference on narcotics, a researcher mused, “Honestly, opioids make me feel gross. I don’t see how anyone could get addicted.” This is a little like a doctor in the delivery end of a needle saying, “Honestly, you’re a wimp. This doesn’t hurt.”

Physician Guilty Of Manslaughter Can Still Practice, Board Says

The Colorado state medical board is allowing a physician convicted of reckless manslaughter to continue practicing medicine.

DEA’s Criteria For Identifying Pill Mills: A Physician’s Analysis

Many physicians reading this forum treat pain and addiction and may wonder what criteria the DEA believes to be indicative of a pill mill.

Hospital Bosses Ignored Months Of Doctors' Warnings About Lucy Letby

Hospital bosses failed to investigate allegations against Lucy Letby and tried to silence doctors, said the lead consultant at the neonatal unit where she worked.

What Doctors Should Know About ‘Benzo’ Withdrawal

When my primary care doctor prescribed Klonopin to treat my severe anxiety in the months before and after major surgery in December 2021, I had no idea that getting off the drug later — as well as the Ambien I had taken for over a decade — would become a nightmare.

Why Explosive Anger Isn't Just A 'Bad Attitude,' But A Symptom

I went to high school with a guy named Frankie. He was a hothead – always in trouble because he couldn't control his temper. Sassing teachers, getting into fights – there may have even been a few run-ins with the law.

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