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Walgreens- The Pharmacy Store That Is Sometimes Without An Open Pharmacy.

Is it time for the DOJ to investigate? A patient called me urgently as I drove home. He is elderly and anxious. He had travelled to the usual Walgreens he gets his medications but was told, after he entered, that while the store was open the pharmacy was closed.

New Antibody Neutralizes All Known COVID-19 Variants

As experts continue to warn that ignoring COVID-19 and the 15,000 deaths a day it is causing is a grave mistake, it has become clear a lasting solution to the virus will require something that neutralizes all coronavirus variants, else we risk constantly trailing behind.

Fill Mid-Level Positions With Unmatched Medical Graduates

In a crowded primary care clinic in an inner city, Mr. Smith, with pursed lips, was sitting next to his oxygen tank and waiting patiently for his doctor. He gratefully commented on how much the oxygen tank had helped him with his daily activities.

‘It Just Seems Like My Patients Are Sicker’

The most haunting memory of the pandemic for Laura, a doctor who practices internal medicine in New York, is a patient who never got COVID at all. A middle-aged man diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2019, he underwent surgery and a round of successful chemotherapy and was due for regular checkups to make sure the tumor wasn’t growing.)

Why I Did Not Want To Become A Leader, And Why Accidentally Becoming One Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me

There are some moments in life that, when you look back years later, you see a pivot. The fork in the road you didn’t recognize at the time, that looking back, changed the trajectory of your life.

Could Tiny Blood Clots Cause Long Covid’s Puzzling Symptoms?

When Lara Hawthorne, an illustrator in Bristol, UK, began developing strange symptoms after having COVID-19, she hoped that they weren’t due to the virus. Her initial illness had been mild.

Why Doctors In Training Are Taking 'Culinary Medicine' A Lot More Seriously

Doctors aren't the only ones who wear white coats. But one physician is trying to show that the traditional white doctor's garb can do extra duty in the kitchen.