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How Major Depression Strengthened My Practice And My Faith In God

One thing to know about depression is that it’s completely different to walk through it. It sneaks up on you and darkens your internal world such that you can’t see or even imagine a way out.

'Tri-Demic': Docs Sound Alarm On Triple-Threat Of RSV, Flu And Covid As Hospitals Strain

RSV, a respiratory virus, is making young children, especially babies very sick and cases are on the rise in North Carolina. That's on top of an already active flu season, and COVID-19 as we head into the winter months.

Covid Lawsuits Have Arrived: Which Doctors Are at Risk?

A pregnant patient who had COVID-19 showed up at a hospital with respiratory difficulty caused by her illness. Physicians had to perform an emergency delivery of her near-term baby.

The Mysterious Rise Of Food Allergies

Peanuts. Shellfish. Soy. Wheat. Tree nuts. Dairy. Eggs. For millions of Americans, these ingredients are a recipe for an upset stomach, hives, swelling, or even a trip to the emergency room — all because of allergies to food.

What Europe’s Covid Wave Means For The US

Winter is coming. Again. For the past two years, colder temperatures have brought seasonal COVID upticks, which turned into massive waves when ill-timed new variants emerged.

Study: Physicians Becoming Harder To Replace As Burnout Continues

A study was released Oct. 18 highlighting the ongoing physician shortage nationwide. The study is based on data representing more than 175 member organizations and more than 23,000 searches, more than half specific to physicians.

Routine Births Are Turning Into Moneymaking ‘Emergency’ Events At Hospitals That Work With Private Equity-Backed Staffing Companies

Elizabeth Huffner thinks it is obvious: A full-term, healthy pregnancy results in a birth. So she was surprised to discover she was an “unknown accident”—at least from a billing standpoint—when she went to the hospital during labor.