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Why Psychological Explanations For Long Covid Are Dangerous

Patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and their allies will rally in DC, London, and Edinburgh this September to “demand bold, urgent governmental action” for the millions of people living with ME, long COVID, and other infection-associated, chronic diseases.

‘The More Dangerous The Operation, The More I Wanted To Do It’: Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh On Mistakes And Mortality

The author of three bestselling memoirs was a swashbuckling presence on the wards for three decades. Now undergoing treatment for advanced prostate cancer, he talks about facing death and living without regrets

I’m A Doctor Who Just Had His First Colonoscopy In My 60s — Without Anesthesia

Well, I am that family physician and geriatrician who is now almost 70 years old. And I cannot believe it because, in some ways, I am still like 27 years old!

Study: Peer Comparison Linked To Increased Physician Burnout

Physicians who are compared to one another report lower job satisfaction and higher levels of burnout, according to a Sept. 28 research brief from UCLA.

Scientists Have Discovered A New Set Of Blood Groups

The ‘Er’ grouping could help doctors identify and treat some rare cases of blood incompatibility, including between pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Only 68% Of Young Physicians Would Choose Medicine Again

Nearly one-third of young physicians say they would not choose a career in medicine again, according to the 2022 Young Physician Compensation Report.

Study: Decreased Proteins, Not Amyloid Plaques, Cause Alzheimer’s

Contrary to a prevailing theory that has been recently called into question, new research from the University of Cincinnati (UC) bolsters a hypothesis that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a decline in levels of a specific protein.