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The Unvaccinated Are Not Difficult Patients

We’re getting into trouble. With headlines like “Why I am angry” and “Burnout rates at an all-time high,” physicians need to take a moment and breath. Unvaccinated people are presenting as very difficult patients that physicians dread.

A Hospital Hit By Hackers, A Baby In Distress: The Case Of The First Alleged Ransomware Death

A lawsuit says computer outages from a cyberattack led staff to miss troubling signs, resulting in the baby’s death, allegations the hospital denies.

Merck Pill Intended To Treat Covid-19 Succeeds In Key Study

Drug jointly developed with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics cut risk of hospitalization or death by 50% in early look at progress.

Network Of Right-Wing Health Care Providers Is Making Millions Off Hydroxychloroquine And Ivermectin, Hacked Data Reveals

The data also reveals that 72,000 people paid at least $6.7 million for Covid-19 consultations promoted by America’s Frontline Doctors and vaccine conspiracist Simone Gold.

Could DNA Vaccines Be The Next Tool In The World’s Battle Against Covid-19?

India last month began boasting that it has created – and its regulatory body approved – the world’s first DNA vaccine, ZyCoV-D. The vaccine, developed by a company called Zydus Cadila, expects to have it available for use as early as next month, giving hope to a country that has suffered more than 447,000 deaths at the hand of the virus.

Locked Out Of The Profession: Residency Policies Creating Physician Shortages

Bottlenecks in the physician training and education pipeline are limiting entry for residency and playing a vital role in U.S. physician shortages and care access issues, according to a Sept. 20 report from nonpartisan think tank.

Medical Malpractice: Don’t Let The Minority Define Us

When we shake our heads at the snake oil salesmen of yesteryears and wonder how the people then could have been so naïve as to fall for the crude shenanigans, we are wearing blinders with our eyes wide open. Malpractice remains alive and well.