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A Remedy for the Federally Funded Physician Shortage

Much has changed in healthcare since the 1990s: HIV infection is no longer a presumptive death sentence, minimally invasive and robotic techniques have redefined a variety of surgeries, and telemedicine has greatly expanded access to care.

These Doctors Earn Less But Say It's Worth It

Earning a huge salary was never a top priority for Sarah Ramer, a nephrologist at the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New York Ciry. That was obvious even when she was still a medical student, since she opted for an extra academic year to get a masters degree in clinical research methods.

The Story Of A Physician, After A Year Sober

My first COVID vacation last year was spectacular, except that I barely remember three days because I was drinking to the point of amnesia.

Doctors Are Running Out Of Antibody Drugs To Treat Covid As Virus Mutates

Covid-19’s constant mutations have proven nearly impossible for drugmakers to keep up with. Omicron’s newest stepchildren threaten to render the last two antibody drugs on the market ineffective: Eli Lilly & Co.’s bebtelovimab, which is used to treat symptoms, and AstraZeneca Plc’s Evusheld, which helps prevent infections.

Physicians Are Only Good For 90 Days

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Physicians are commonly offered one, two, and three-year employment contracts that appear ironclad and have automatic renewal clauses. The length of these contracts encourages us to believe we can confidently make major financial decisions based on expected income.

Half Of Hospitals Spend Just 1.4% Of Expenses On Charity Care

Half of hospitals spend just 1.4% or less of their operating expenses on charity care, though the level of charity care varies significantly facility by facility, according to a new analysis.

Primary Care Physicians Are Burned Out, Though Faring Better In US Than Other Countries

Primary care physicians across 10 high-income countries reported increased workloads driven by high backlogs, sicker patients and increased administrative tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent report.

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