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Omicron, A New Variant With High Number Of Mutations, Sparks Travel Bans & Worries Scientists

The World Health Organization says it could still take some time to get a full picture of the threat posed by omicron, a new variant of the coronavirus as scientists worldwide scramble to assess its multiple mutations.

How Did We Let Insurers Run Health Care?

How did we Americans allow health insurers to dictate how physicians practice good medicine? The hypocritic oath says, “Do no harm.” We should not allow insurance company profits to prevent proper care for patients.

Covid-19 Antibody Drugs Are Challenged By Omicron, Preliminary Testing Indicates

Preliminary tests indicate the Covid-19 antibody drug cocktail from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. loses effectiveness against Omicron, the company said Tuesday, a sign that some products in an important class of therapies might need modifying if the new strain becomes widespread.

To Aaron Rodgers, From A Physician And Packers Fan

I’m a doctor passionate about public health and public policy born and raised in Wisconsin and educated at the Medical College of Wisconsin (the same institute that bestowed Mr. Rodgers an honorary degree in 2018).

Dominant Eye Surgery Chain LasikPlus Put Profits Over Patient Care, Some Doctors Say

Since the laser surgery that can fix nearsightedness was approved in the 1990s, one firm, called LasikPlus, has grown into the U.S. industry’s dominant force by using low prices as a draw and vacuuming up rival players.

When Is Humor Helpful?

Why does humor in the workplace sometimes have magical effects and at other times is disastrous? The answer is not as simple as “some jokes are better than others,” or “some people are funny while others are not.”

From Cows To Covid: The Spooky Origins Of Vaccines

Like many life-saving innovations in medicine, vaccination emerged long before we understood how it worked. Back in the 18th century, it was a wonder how anyone ever survived a trip to the doctor.

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