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A Physician At The Precipice Of The Pandemic’s Next Wave

We sit silently on this precipice—my family, my friends, my colleagues. Time spins. Momentum is building. It is a tidal wave slowly moving towards us. We are fixed in its path of raging destruction. It is our enemy, not each other. Each tick on the clock, an ICU bed filling across the West—an exponential net positive, admissions to discharges—true or celestial.

Moderna Announces Initial Phase 3 Data Showing Its Covid-19 Vaccine Is Up To 94.5% Effective

In another promising medical development, the biotechnology company Moderna has announced its COVID-19 vaccine could be up to 94.5% effective.

Their Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Has Made Them Billionaires. This Modest German Turkish Couple Doesn’t Own A Car.

At 8 p.m. Sunday ­evening, the phone rang with the call Ugur Sahin, chief executive of the German medical start-up ­BioNTech, had been anxiously awaiting. “Are you sitting down?” Pfizer chief Albert Bourla asked him.

Why Some Health Care Workers Refuse To Mask And How We Can Fix It

If you’re in health care, chances are you’ve heard one of these statements: “Masking doesn’t work.” “We’re all going to get COVID, so why mask?” Another is “COVID is just like the flu.” Or you’ve even heard, “Those people who died of COVID would have died from something else anyway.” One would think that these were said by people who don’t work in health care.

As U.S. Reaches 250,000 Deaths From Covid-19, A Long Winter Is Coming

The United States has surpassed yet another devastating milestone in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: 250,000 Americans have now died from the disease. That's more than twice the number of U.S. service members killed in World War I.

Infected Again Or Endless Covid-19? How The 'Reinfection Phenomenon' Could Impact Vaccines, Herd Immunity & Human Behavior

By medical standards, Nicole Worthley is considered extraordinarily rare. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 31 and again in September. She was walloped both times, with a fever for six weeks and side effects all summer before round two kicked in.

Medical Tourism Craters During Coronavirus Pandemic, Hospitals Lose Billions

Millions of Americans have traveled overseas for health-care service in recent years. Domestic medical tourism also has boomed and received support from major companies including Walmart on behalf of its employees.

Covid-19 Tests Are Evolving For Flu Season. Here’s What’s New.

As temperatures drop and the U.S. prepares to endure a flu season on top of a pandemic, Covid-19 tests are evolving to account for what could be a difficult winter. Adam Schechter, chairman and CEO of LabCorp, shared what’s next for testing and his outlook on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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