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A C-Section Is Not A Defeat

I had worked a Saturday 24-hour call shift, and as soon as I got home on Sunday morning, I began having symptoms that made me turn around and head right back to the labor and delivery unit where I worked … as a patient.

Study: Long Hours Associated With Rising Physician Depression Rates

A new study finds a direct correlation between working long hours and depression symptoms in first-year medical residents.

A Hospitalist’s Struggle To Find Teamwork In Academic Medicine

After a couple of hours of back and forth, I can finally complete an oxygen assessment on a patient ready to be discharged home. The conversation had concluded on a somewhat sarcastic note.

Fauci: Us Faces Pandemic Crossroads With Covid Deaths Still Too High And New Omicron Variants Emerging

White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Covid deaths are too high heading into the winter. The U.S. also faces a challenge from emerging omicron subvariants that are resistant to antibody treatments.

A Single Injection Can Reverse Paralysis Caused By Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new injectable therapy that harnesses “dancing molecules” to reverse paralysis and repair tissue after severe spinal cord injuries.

The Global Economics Behind America's Fentanyl Problem

Illegal fentanyl seems to be everywhere in the US. Synthetic opioids (largely fentanyl) were linked to more than 70,000 drug overdose deaths in the US in 2021, up from fewer than 58,000 the year before, and now account for nearly two-thirds of the country’s overdose deaths.

Exercise During Chemo May Help Beat the Treatment's Effects

Exercising while undergoing chemotherapy can help cancer patients overcome the treatment's debilitating effects and return to normal life faster.

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