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America Is Failing Primary Care Doctors

While the pandemic sparked a renewed (if only temporary) appreciation of the medical profession, this alone wasn’t enough to induce change in the system overwhelming them...

Covid Has Killed 5 Million People, But Only Hundreds Have Been Autopsied

In an air-locked chamber in the world’s largest research hospital, Daniel Chertow and a half-dozen doctors and scientists clad in astronaut-inspired protective gear are carrying out a microscopic search inside a 26-year-old man.

Is It Time To Unionize?

Remember the dark days of the pandemic in March and April, when the true risk of caring for COVID patients started to become clear? Remember when you could be censured by a nursing supervisor or administrator for wearing a mask in public areas lest you frighten patients or visitors?

If The Healers Are Sick, What Happens To The Rest Of Society?

People often say health care professionals are often the worst patients. As health care professionals, we are well versed with what is needed to be healthy, but we struggle, like many other people, to consistently apply these principles.

USDA Failed To Prevent A Salmonella Epidemic. It’s Still Making People Sick.

For years, a dangerous salmonella strain has sickened thousands and continues to spread through the chicken industry. The USDA knows about it. So do the companies. And yet, contaminated meat continues to be sold to consumers.

Study: CAR T-Cell Therapy Tied To Adverse Heart, Lung Effects

Twenty percent of patients who received chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy experienced adverse cardiovascular and pulmonary events, a study published in November found.

Surgeon Fined For Leaving OR To Eat In Car, Then Falling Asleep, Missing Procedure

The longtime head of spine surgery at Boston Medical Center has been reprimanded by state regulators and fined $5,000 for leaving an operating room before the start of an emergency ankle surgery to go eat in his parked car, where he fell asleep and missed the procedure.

New Blood Test Can Spot More Than 50 Types Of Cancer - Many Hard To Detect Early

The sooner most cancers are discovered, the better the odds they can be successfully treated. Mayo Clinic participated in research on a test that can detect more than 50 cancers.