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Doctors Are Trained To Lie

Here are the top 10 ways how and why doctors lie. See if you recognize any. When logging actual work hours exceeding the weekly “80-hour cap,” new docs are cited for duty-hour violations.

'I Have Never Felt Less Safe at Work'

On a busy Saturday night in our emergency department (ED), a rather large man involved in a car crash required evaluation for a suspected head injury. Suddenly, a shriek and a thump came from his room.

Never Let A Bad Job Or Bad People Convince You To Quit Medicine

If you asked the third-grade version of most doctors what they wanted to be when they grew up, I bet most would have said, “I want to be a doctor!” I doubt many would have said “hospital administrator” or “life coach.”

America Is Starting to See What COVID Immunity Really Looks Like

With time and effort, we can build enough protection to blunt surges—but herd immunity remains out of reach. I, as far as I can tell, have not yet been infected by the virus that causes COVID-19. Which, by official counts, makes me an oddball among Americans.

Burn Out Follows From Physician To Wellness Director

Tuesday, at the podium in a small auditorium, I realized that my time was finally up. Even as an educator/administrator (non-clinical) physician, I was done.

Covid Shutdowns In China Are Delaying Medical Scans In The U.S.

Doctors in the United States are prioritizing only the most critical patients and hospitals are rationing supplies of a crucial drug after a covid lockdown in China temporarily closed a GE Healthcare factory that is a vital source for a key ingredient in medical imaging.

Everybody’s Talking About Value-Based Health Care. Here’s What They’re Not Saying.

Attend any healthcare conference and you’ll quickly discover that it’s become downright fashionable for healthcare leaders to talk about their unwavering commitment to “value-based care.”

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