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What’s Wrong? Patients Use Disinformation To Blame Doctors.

“You were doing it wrong.” The patient in my pulmonary clinic for follow-up after her discharge from a hospitalization in January of this year for COVID-19 pneumonia was explaining why she would not reconsider getting vaccinated despite her recent illness.

Covid-19 Cases Are Exploding In Asia. Here’s What It Means For The Rest Of The World.

Across the world, the omicron phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is now piling up towering case counts in places that have largely managed to keep the disease in check until this point.

New Medical Students: Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

When you are trapped in a locker room in only your underwear at 3 a.m., you realize how many things must have gone wrong for you to land in that spot. Within the first week of my clinical rotations, I managed to be bested by the scrub machine.

Deaths From Heart Disease And Stroke Rose Sharply During Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven up death rates for heart disease and strokes in the U.S., a new study demonstrated, widening already significant racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes.

Doctor Sued Over Stem Cell Treatments

The Washington state attorney general has sued a stem cell clinic and its physician owner for deceptively marketing its products to treat COVID-19 and a host of other conditions despite a lack of evidence.

A Family Suffered Weeks Of Dizziness And Nausea. A Doctor’s Hunch Uncovered The Cause.

Brooke Stroud was flummoxed and upset. How, the Washington clinical psychologist wondered, had her teenage houseguest gotten sick so quickly with the unidentified illness that had struck Stroud’s family of five at the end of 2020?

10 Sneaky Signs You May Have Heart Disease

Chances are you’re aware of the classic signs of a heart attack: the crushing chest pain, the shortness of breath. But what about heart disease? This killer doesn’t always strike with a big bang; some indicators of ticker trouble are far less obvious than others.

Sleep Experts Warn of Permanent Daylight Saving Time Risks

Like clockwork, most of the U.S. has shifted back and forth between standard and daylight saving time twice a year.