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Patients Who Harass Physicians: 5 Behaviors To Watch For

In August 2021, at the height of the COVID Delta variant, a male patient in his early 50s visited the family medicine practice of Jacqui O'Kane, DO, at South Georgia Medical Center.

Breaking Down The Broken Medical System: A Physician’s Eye-Opening Experience With Patient Neglect

I am asking my fellow medical professionals to give a sincere show of hands: How many of you are terrified of your fate should you become the patient?

Star Surgeon, UPMC Will Pay $8.5M To Settle Concurrent Surgeries Lawsuit

The U.S. government has finalized a settlement agreement with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) as well as the organizations' star surgeon James Luketich, MD, regarding a false claims lawsuit involving concurrent surgeries.

This Dental Device Was Sold To Fix Patients Jaws. Lawsuits Claim It Wrecked Their Teeth.

Boja Kragulj, an accomplished clarinetist who once performed with orchestras in New York, Philadelphia, and Jacksonville, Florida, has already lost four teeth. And she expects to lose at least a dozen more.

Healing Clinician-Associated Trauma: A Call For Connection

Our modern existence is a state of perpetual disconnection. Earbuds in. Staring down at our screens. Avoiding eye contact. Disconnected from each other and ourselves, we go about our lives in adult parallel play.

Hospital’s Water Purification System Stripped Out Chlorine, Killing 3 Patients

Water purification systems installed in two ice machines in a Boston hospital were supposed to make the water taste and smell better for patients on a surgery floor—but it ended up killing three of them, an investigation found.

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Non-Competes Are Unlikely To Disappear For Physicians

Physician non-compete clauses have been a controversial topic for many years. These clauses within contractual agreements prevent physicians from joining or operating a competing practice within a certain distance or timeframe.