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Permission To Burn The Manual

I started planning my escape in late 2020. I would find a way to quit health care, to cease being a practicing physician altogether. Living the life of a doctor-mom, I felt consumed with daily obligations and duties.

‘Stealth’ Omicron Cases Are Doubling In The US. Should We Be Concerned?

As mask mandates lift in most states and coronavirus cases continue to drop, the “stealth” omicron subvariant, BA.2, is becoming more prevalent in the United States.

Research Provides Hope To Those Experiencing Long-Term Loss Of Smell Due To Covid-19

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University are developing a treatment for people who have lost their smell due to COVID-19.

What The Friday 5PM Consult Says About Your Priorities

Everyone dreads the Friday 5 p.m. consult. As a physician-in-training, I had more than one of those. But having young kids waiting to be picked up from daycare made that decision tougher.

She Was Headed To A Locked Psych Ward. Then An ER Doctor Made A Startling Discovery.

The 23-year-old patient arrived in the back of a police car and was in four point restraints — hands and feet strapped to a gurney — when emergency physician Elizabeth Mitchell saw her at a Los Angeles hospital early on March 17.

J&J’s Controversial Prison Testing Resurfaces In Baby Powder Lawsuits

More than 50 years ago, nearly a dozen men incarcerated outside of Philadelphia enrolled in an experiment funded by Johnson & Johnson, according to unsealed documents. Now, those studies have come back to haunt the world’s largest maker of health-care products.

Aid Groups Rush Supplies To Ukraine As Medicines Run Low

International health organizations are rushing medical supplies and medicines to Ukraine, as hospitals are caught up in the war and human suffering proliferates.

Patient Who Received Pig Heart Dies Two Months After Transplant

David Bennett was first person to have a human heart replaced by a genetically-modified animal heart without it being rejected right away.