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Don’t Call Me “Doctor”

“Hi, my name is Kristin Yates, and I am the OB/GYN doctor.” This is how I greet most patients for the first time. It has never really felt natural to introduce myself as “Dr. Yates,” even now that I have been an attending physician for more than five years.

Delta Variant Now 31% Of US Covid Cases. More Dangerous Than Other Variants, Could Imperil US Recovery.

As of Wednesday, the Delta coronavirus variant may have been responsible for 31% of all coronavirus cases in the US. Previous data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put that share of cases at about 10% as of June 5 and 2.7% on May 22.

Doctors Beware: There’s A $400,000 Target On Your Back

President Joe Biden recently signaled that a multi-trillion-dollar spending plan for our country should be paid for by the rich corporations and wealthy individual Americans who make over $400,000. Doctors fit the latter category and should tune in.

Epic’s Algorithm To Predict Deadly Conditions, Misses Most Cases

The biggest electronic health record company in the United States, Epic Systems, claims it can solve a major problem for hospitals: identifying signs of sepsis, an often deadly complication from infections that can lead to organ failure. It’s a leading cause of death in hospitals.

My Pet Taught Me How To Be A Better Physician

In the last year, amidst COVID-19 news, animals have gained their place: cats harboring the virus, pet abandonment and, paradoxically, rising adoptions. Cats and dogs are now in the spotlight. I’m a physician, and my personal animal-related COVID-19 story changed the way I practice medicine.

Addiction Treatment Had Failed. Could Brain Surgery Save Him?

After nearly two decades of hardcore drug addiction — after overdoses and rehabs and relapses, homelessness and dead friends and ruined lives — Gerod Buckhalter had one choice left, and he knew it.

Covid Rebounds In US South, With Many Shunning Vaccines

Covid-19 transmission is accelerating in several poorly vaccinated states, primarily in the South plus Missouri and Utah, and more young people are turning up at hospitals. The data present the clearest sign of a rebound in the U.S. in months.

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