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“My Doctor Made Me Cry”: Headlines That Are Examples Of Victim-Blaming

This health policy consultant may have never cried in a doctor’s office before (“My doctor made me cry. It summed up everything that’s wrong with health care“), but I can practically guarantee that her doctor has.

Monkeypox Vaccines Are Too Gnarly For The Masses

Monkeypox is very different from COVID—and will require a very different vaccination approach. In the past three years, the world has weathered two very different global outbreaks, caused by two very different pathogens, under two sets of very different circumstances.

How To Tackle The Physician Shortage

It has been predicted that at least 139,000 doctors will be needed by 2033, particularly in rural and low-income areas. In an attempt to address this need, states have been replacing physicians with non-physician health care providers and reducing physician oversight.

'My Malpractice Insurance Doubled!' Why, When Fewer Patients Are Suing?

Angela Intili, MD, an ob/gyn, was used to seeing her medical malpractice insurance premium rise slightly every couple of years. But she was shocked by the drastic rise she recently experienced.

A Doctor Claimed He Had A ‘Miracle Cure’ For Covid. He’s Going To Prison.

In March and April of 2020, as the coronavirus spread and people isolated in their homes, a doctor in San Diego boasted that he had his hands on a “miracle cure,” according to prosecutors — hydroxychloroquine.

How Strong Is Your Covid Immunity? A Blood Test Could Offer Some Insight

The newly developed test focuses on the part of the immune system that confers long-term protection by prompting the body to “remember” the virus.

76% Of Physician License Actions Related To Substance Abuse

In a study involving 5,023 actions against the licenses of U.S. physicians, 76.3 percent were related to substance abuse, according to findings published June 3.

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