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How A Doctor Fell In Love With A Drug Addict

“Something’s wrong with Eddie.” In four words, my entire wedding day collapsed around me. I’d just arrived at a beautiful Gothic chapel in a rented 1950 Rolls Royce, mom and dad on either side of me, prepared for a picture-perfect first look with my groom.

A Fully Vaccinated Cruise Set Sail In The Caribbean. Two Passengers Just Tested Positive For Covid.

When the Celebrity Millennium departed St. Maarten in the Caribbean on Saturday “with celebration and fanfare,” the cruise was hailed as a milestone both for the cruise line and the embattled North American cruise industry.

Doctors’ Dirty Little Secrets

Doctors have a few dirty little secrets. We have the highest rates of suicide amongst all professions and are in desperate need of mental health reform.

Covid-19 Deaths This Year Have Already Exceeded 2020’s Toll

More people have died from Covid-19 already this year than in all of 2020, according to official counts, highlighting how the global pandemic is far from over even as vaccines beat back the virus in wealthy nations.

My Most Dangerous Covid Intubation

As the pandemic grew in Southern California, intubating COVID patients became increasingly dangerous. Initially, any patient with signs of respiratory distress was intubated, then sent to the ICU immediately. My physician colleagues and I all thought we were doing the right thing — until we saw all the complications of mechanical ventilation.

The Death Of Hahnemann Hospital

Lia Logio arrived at Hahnemann University Hospital, in Philadelphia, in March, 2018, two months after it was sold to a private-equity firm. Logio, an internist, had come from Weill Cornell, in New York, a prestigious and well-funded nonprofit hospital, where she was a vice-chair.

PA's Attempt To Rebrand With A New Name

When the American Academy of PAs (AAPA) recently voted to change the name of their profession from physician assistant to physician associate, it was a decision several years in the making.

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