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When Is Enough … “Enough” In Your Career?

We spend so much of our lives chasing a sense of doing “enough” and being “enough.” Though I anticipate it’s been years in the making, I feel like I woke up one day and just had enough. This time, it wasn’t in a hopeless way.

How FDA And CDC Are Failing On BA.5, The Worst Covid Variant Yet

The BA.5 variant of Covid-19 is more transmissible than any we’ve seen — so why aren’t government agencies doing more to stop its spread?

Not A Cancer Survivor, Not A Cancer Previvor: Am I A Cancer Preventer?

I recently had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with an esthetic flat closure (no reconstruction). My decision took months of questions, discussion and reflection. My journey began during the final four weeks of 2021.

How To Care For Patients You Resent

Many clinicians may not want to acknowledge when they have negative feelings about a patient in their care, but such resentment or frustration is important to recognize and address, as studies show it can affect care quality.

Brain Injury Patients' Lives Saved By Ancient Egyptian-Style Operation Where Hole Is Drilled In Skull To Reduce Swelling

An operation that dates from the days of the pharaohs could save thousands who suffer brain injuries every year. It involves making a hole in the skull to ease swelling and pressure on the brain – in a similar procedure to one used by ancient Egyptians as a religious ritual.

OB-GYN Board Moves Exam Online to Avoid Texas Travel Post-Roe

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology will hold a virtual certification exam in the fall in part due to concerns for prospective OB-GYNs’ safety following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Shared Decision-Making 'Only Sometimes Useful' In Surgery

When there are several treatment options, the trend for doctors to discuss all options with their patients and for the patient to share in the decision-making can improve patient satisfaction and result in value care.

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