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How Direct Primary Care Saved My Career And My Life

In late 2017, I was standing in the hallway between two different departments in a hospital where I was rounding on a particularly busy day.

Dedicated Doctors Are Leaving Medicine. This Isn’t Burnout. It’s A Medical Crisis

To be a primary care doctor in America is to be breathless. A back-to-back, Lucy-in-the-chocolate-factory conveyor belt schedule packed with up to two dozen patients per day.

FDA Issues 'Most Serious' Type Of Recall Over J&J Surgical Tools, That Could Kill Patients

Johnson & Johnson manufactured tools used make incisions and stop bleeding during surgery have been recalled nationwide for increased risk of injury and death.

Triathlete Defies Odds, Qualifies For World Championship After Grueling Half Ironman Race

Rick Taylor was swimming the race of his life. The Virginia half-Ironman (70.3 miles) was underway, and Rick swam the 1.2-mile course in the Carvin Cove Reservoir in 30 minutes and 43 seconds, coming out of the water first in his age group at a blistering pace of 1 minute and 35 seconds per 100 m (1.36/100 m).

New Air Monitor Can Detect Covid-19, Flu, RSV, & Other Viruses In Real-Time

Proof-of-concept device could also monitor for flu, RSV, and other respiratory viruses. Now that the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, scientists are looking at ways to surveil indoor environments in real-time for viruses.

Here’s When We Hit Our Physical & Mental Peaks

When are we our fastest, strongest and most creative? Elite swimmers peak in their early 20s, powerlifters peak at 35 and equestrians later still, on average.

Can A Puff Of Cool Air Up The Nose Stop Acute Migraine?

Transnasal evaporative cooling appears promising as a nonpharmacologic treatment to abort migraine attacks, according to the results of a small study.