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You Need A Break From The Front Lines Of Health Care

The current era of health care delivery has been aptly compared with going to war against an invisible enemy that can attack anywhere, at any time and with novel means.

Headache? Runny Nose? These Are Among The New Top 5 Covid Symptoms, Study Says

When the coronavirus pandemic first emerged with a vengeance in the western world in early 2020, governments quickly put out information on what symptoms to look out for.

Questions Of A Canceled Whistle-Blower

This is not a story about the before. It is about the after. When I blew the whistle on the gender harassment I experienced and witnessed within my workplace, I naively thought doing so would help. I thought opportunities and experiences for women would get better. I thought it would be worth the risk.

The Elephant In The Doctors' Lounge

With roughly 156 million Americans fully vaccinated for COVID-19, physicians are seeing signs of relief on the horizon. That relief can't come soon enough.

Nearly Half Of Physician Practices Owned By Hospitals, Corporate Entities

Nearly 70% of U.S. physicians are now employed by a hospital or a corporate entity, according to a recent report by a coalition of state doctors' groups. This is the first time the report included ownership by corporate entities outside of just hospitals.

Hospitals Frequently Bill The Uninsured The Most

Cash payers are often charged more than insurance companies for the same service by the same hospital, according to an analysis of previously confidential data.

The US Health System Was Already Falling Short. Then Covid-19 Happened.

Covid-19 put American health care even further behind other wealthy nations. Take a long enough lens — say, 25 years — and it seems as though health care in America is inarguably getting better.

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