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Don’t Lose Yourself: A Warning From A Divorced Physician

I was going through drawers, finishing unpacking as best I could, when I stumbled upon one of those moments that feels like a puzzle piece sliding into place. I recently divorced, moved across the country, took a leave of absence from work, and changed my job.

Doctors No Longer Bound By Noncompetes Under FTC’s Proposed Ban

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on noncompete clauses in employment contracts is poised to dramatically alter the healthcare sector, which frequently relies on restrictive covenants to retain physicians and the patients they treat.

AI Passes US Medical Licensing Exam

Two artificial intelligence (AI) programs -- including ChatGPT -- have passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), according to two recent papers.

Why I Keep Coming Back To The ER: Reflections From A Seasoned Attending

Last night, one of my work colleagues asked me how I do it. I looked over at them, a little confused. They looked back at me earnestly. How do I continue to come to work every shift and not burn out? How do I keep finding meaning in what I am doing? How?

Harvard Pulls Out Of Med School Rankings

Harvard Medical School -- a fixture at the top of the annual "Best Medical Schools" lists from U.S. News & World Report -- said Tuesday that it will no longer submit data and participate in the rankings.

The DEA Shut Down A Pain Doctor. Now 3 People Are Dead.

After a California doctor was labeled an "imminent danger" to the public, the consequences were devastating for his patients and their families.

Could Ultrasound Replace The Stethoscope?

The patient, a man in his early twenties, hobbled into the E.R. on a Wednesday morning, anxious and gasping, his shirt covered in blood. Minneapolis in the nineteen-eighties was experiencing an increase in violent crime that would later earn it the nickname Murderapolis...

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