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Losing Our Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource: Physicians

Suppose you have watched the news, been on social media, or have had any conversations with others. In that case, it should not be a surprise that health care workers are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and extremely burned out.

Medicare Cuts Threaten Specialty Practices Nationwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront inequities and vulnerabilities that have always existed in our healthcare system. Yet, as the pandemic persists, policies that further limit access to care for underserved populations continue to be pushed forward.

The Paradox Of Treating Pain In A System Too Full To Manage It

My 13-year-old daughter was writhing on the floor from pain in her back and belly, a fever, and intermittent chest pains. She was two days out from a spine surgery intended to fix an 8-month-old gymnastics injury.

Blind Optimism Only Works in Fantasy Football. Time to Get Realistic

"Optimism ignites resilience, providing energy to power the other resilience factors. It facilitates an active and creative approach to coping with challenging situations."

The Medical Miracle Of A Pig’s Heart In A Human Body

The first successful transplantation may solve a donor shortage, but this major scientific advancement is not without challenges.

What's My Number? Do I Really Need $10 Million to Retire From My Medical Practice?

"What's my number?" When I hear this from my financial planning clients, I know they mean, "What investment net worth do I need to be financially independent and make practicing medicine optional?

Unraveling The Biology Of A Mysterious Condition: Stuttering

Holly Nover grew up trying to hide her stutter. “I was very self conscious,” said the 40-year-old St. Johns, Florida mom, whose 10-year-old son Colton also has a speech impediment. “So I developed habits to switch my words so it wouldn’t be noticed.”

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