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Why Do Physicians Stay In Toxic Work Environments?

For the most highly educated and specialized professional on the health care totem pole, physicians put up with a ridiculous amount of nonsense in the workplace.

The Next Pandemic Could Start With A Terrorist Attack

In 1770, the German chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele performed an experiment and noticed that he’d created a noxious gas. He named it “dephlogisticated muriatic acid.” We know it today as chlorine.

When The Patient Wants To Speak To A Manager

A patient swore at me the other day. Not as in "she used a curse word." As in she spewed fury, spitting out a vulgar, adverbial word before "... terrible doctor" while jabbing her finger toward me.

Discouraging Our Children From Becoming Doctors

By now, most of us are familiar with the term the "Great Resignation" -- the tidal wave of people quitting their jobs, in the U.S. and around the world, primarily in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly one in five healthcare workers in the U.S. have left their jobs since February 2020.

Beyond The Booster Shot

Could a “broad spectrum” booster increase our immunity to many pathogens simultaneously? The first tuberculosis vaccine was developed in 1921, by two French scientists, Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin.

This Is Your Brain On Heartbreak

We all know that when love is good, it’s really good. Research shows that romantic attachments, when they’re healthy and supportive, can be immensely beneficial for our health.

Pandemic Stress Could Be Causing Your Eye Problems. Here’s What To Know.

The physical manifestations of pandemic stress are well-documented: People have been experiencing increased blood pressure, sleep problems and trouble focusing. But there are other, potentially overlooked, indicators of stress, according to experts — and eye health is a prime example.

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