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A Surgeon Left His Own Son’s Funeral To Take Care Of Your Child

I recently read a story that struck close to home for me, and I suspect for nearly all of you in your medical careers at one time or another. It was a story of a surgeon called in urgently to the ED for a seriously injured young boy.

5 Best Paying Cities, States For Physicians

Being a physician is one of the top jobs in the U.S., with a median salary of $206,500 in 2019 according to median salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2021 Tax Changes Physicians Should Know

As we enter 2021, it is always a good idea to take note of changes to the tax code as well as some items that remained unchanged. This will allow you to plan appropriately for the upcoming year.

14 Tips When Negotiating A Physician Job

Negotiations are not just for the job interview and annual review. We negotiate every day. Negotiating in place can be a powerful mechanism to make your current job a better fit.

When Scientists Become Allergic To Their Research

Researchers spend long periods of time around the organisms they study. Sometimes, that exposure has unintended effects.

As Covid-19 Vaccines Raise Hope, Cold Reality Dawns That Illness Is Likely Here to Stay

Ease of transmission, new strains, limits of vaccination programs all mean Covid-19 will be around for years—and a big business.

Did Convalescent Plasma For Covid-19 Unleash Viral Mutation?

An immunosuppressed patient with COVID-19 in England developed viral mutations last summer -- including one included in the notorious B.1.1.7 or "U.K. variant" -- after treatment with convalescent plasma, researchers found.

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