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China’s Covid-19 Outbreak Has US Worried About New Variants

Wave of cases has grown following easing of restrictions. China’s U-turn on Covid-19 followed protests in late November. The US is concerned China’s runaway Covid-19 outbreak might spawn new mutations of the virus, as the world’s most populous country continues to grapple with the impact of loosening “Covid Zero” protocols that had kept the pandemic at bay.

You’re Not Being Frivolous. You’re Being Fabulously Human.

For years, I’ve noticed something that’s bothered me. I see it almost daily within social media women’s physician groups. The post starts with, “I know this is a frivolous question, but …” What follows are questions about topics ranging from cosmetic recommendations to travel advice.

Covid Bivalent Booster Shots Were ‘Tremendous’ In Lowering Hospitalization Rates, Doctor Says

As the holiday season approaches, COVID cases are on the rise once again around the world. Globally, there have been more than 654 million COVID cases, with more than 15 million recorded in the last 28 days, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Study: ED Docs Offer Better Care Than Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners deliver care in emergency departments that produces worse outcomes at higher costs, according to a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Perfectionism Will Kill You

Every doctor wants to be perfect. We want to make sure our diagnosis is perfect. Our treatment plan is perfect, and our outcome will be perfect. Patients want the perfect doctor. They want us to get it right on the first try, each and every time.

Healthcare Sector Adds Jobs Through Fall But Still Faces Elevated Quit Rates

Though national data suggest staffing shortages across hospitals and other provider settings lessened through November, workers are still leaving their positions for greener pastures at rates well exceeding those in the previous decade.

This Neuroscientist’s Breakthrough Experiment Could Herald A New Era Of Psychiatry

Transformation is one of science’s greatest capers. It may seem incomprehensible, but under the right conditions one can observe that it’s a painstaking series of reactions.

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