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It’s Called Crying And It’s Normal

Doctors treat people in all types of situations. Life or death. Sometimes both. Babies die, children die, and teenagers die. Women die. Men die. Sometimes you even have the misfortune of delivering a stillborn.

Shouldn't Doctors Be Paid For Responding To Health Portal Messages?

The Cleveland Clinic recently announced they will begin charging patients a fee for online correspondence with physicians through their online portal. Such fees are perhaps a necessary response to the ever-growing volume of portal messages, through which patients seek advice outside of the traditional structure of a billable visit.

A Doctor’s Grief

Last evening I crumbled in the arms of my patient and wept. This was unknown territory to me, an unexpected role reversal. For three weeks after my Mom’s death, I maintained a stoic distance as patients offered their condolences, as they asked about my mother, and empathized.

Physicians: Tolerating Bullying Is Not Part Of The Job, 3 Ways To Stop It

Harassment and bullying are not new to medicine, but they have been on the rise the last few years — especially among female and minority physicians, according to a Nov. 16 article.

How Smallpox Inoculation United America

It took some work to convince the physicians of 1720s Boston, Massachusetts, that Onesimus, an enslaved Black man, might hold the key to overcoming an impending smallpox epidemic. As cases mounted, and with no other options, one doctor eventually decided to take a chance.

Use It, Or Lose It: Hearing Aids Linked To Cognitive Benefit

Restoring hearing loss with hearing aids or cochlear implants was linked with less long-term cognitive decline and even some gain, a systematic review and meta-analysis showed.

Cancer Surgeons Should Avoid These Three Words, Researchers Warn

It’s a common scene: A patient recovering from cancer surgery speaks with their surgeon, who reassures them the procedure went well and that doctors “got it all.”

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