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I Am An Emergency & Critical Care Physician. I Had Covid-19 Infection Twice & I’m Tired.

My first infection was early on in the pandemic. I had to place a Blakemore tube in a young man who was going to die from his massive bleeding from cirrhosis. I didn’t know then that the patient was positive for COVID, as he didn’t have any “typical” symptoms.

Vaccines Offer Hope For End To Pandemic, But Brutal Months Lie Ahead

Coronavirus vaccines are poised to be approved and distributed in the coming weeks in the United States, but that promising news comes amid record levels of infections and hospitalizations, with experts warning that the most brutal period of the pandemic lies ahead.

What Happened When The Only ER Doctor In A Rural Town Got COVID

Kurt Papenfus, a doctor in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, started to feel sick around Halloween. He developed a scary cough, intestinal symptoms and a headache. In the midst of a pandemic, the news that he had COVID-19 wasn’t surprising, but Papenfus’ illness would have repercussions far beyond his own health.

What To Do Financially When You’re A Doctor Getting A Divorce

I remember reading a post recently on a Facebook physician group that involved a cardiologist who asked for help on how to manage her finances after a divorce.

What It Feels Like To Get An mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine

As the United States inches closer to authorizing a Covid-19 vaccine many people may now let themselves start wondering what it will feel like to get it.

This Biologist Is Figuring Out How To Short-Circuit Sperm As Birth Control

Polina Lishko will tell you she began studying reproductive biology accidentally. But her deep-seated interest in what ignites the body’s bioelectrical signals has opened up new possibilities for how to address infertility and introduce new options for contraception.

Why Experts Are Sounding The Alarm About The Hidden Dangers Of Gas Stoves

As a physician and epidemiologist with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, T. Stephen Jones spent his career fighting major threats to public health in the US and globally, from smallpox to HIV to viral hepatitis. But it wasn’t until Jones was well into retirement that he learned about a widespread yet widely overlooked health risk in his own home in Florence, Massachusetts, and in most US households: pollution emitted by natural gas appliances.

Hospitals Across US Cancel Elective Procedures — Again

As COVID-19 hotspots spring up across the country, hospitals must once again grapple with how to take care of those patients while keeping other services open safely. It's a repeat of what facilities went through in the pandemic's early days on U.S. shores this spring as hospitals struggle to secure enough staff and equipment.