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The Untold Struggles Of A Surgical Fellow

My experiences with mental illness have been intimately tied with my experiences of being a surgical trainee. If you read my medical chart, you will see diagnoses like postpartum depression, generalized anxiety, and adjustment disorder.

This Fall’s Covid Variant Might Really Be Different

What to know about BA.2.86, or ‘pirola,’ from where it’s spreading to whether vaccines will work against it.

Ozempic Users Say ‘Wonder Drug’ Curbs Cravings For Booze, Cigarettes, Gambling

Ozempic and Wegovy are quickly becoming known as wonder drugs for their ability to treat an ever-growing range of conditions.

6 Fastest-Growing Physician Specialties

Physician occupations are projected to grow 2.3 percent by 2031, with psychiatrists being the fastest-growing physician specialty.

The Doctor Won't See You Now

Patients are increasingly alarmed by the health workforce shortages delaying care, reducing access, and in some cases harming patient safety and quality of care.

The Hidden Fee Costing Doctors Millions Every Year

A powerful lobbyist convinced a federal agency that doctors can be forced to pay fees on money that health insurers owe them. Big companies rake in profits while doctors are saddled with yet another cost in a burdensome health care system.

Doctors Move Toward Unionization Amid Post-Pandemic Merger Wave

Nearly three quarters of doctors now considered employees. Physicians seeking unions amid industry consolidation.

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