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I’m A Physician, Not A Provider

Your parents likely spent months searching through baby name books, polling the family, and looking through the photo albums of ancestors to pick the perfect name for you.

Study: Initial Diagnoses Can Sway Physicians' 2nd Opinions

Information about a patient's initial diagnosis can influence physicians offering a second opinion and may even lead to incorrect diagnoses, according to a study published Aug. 10.

CMS Medicare Fee Cuts: The Altruism Of Physicians Is Used Against Them

It’s hard to concisely put into words how frustrated physicians are right now. How many other professional groups out there have to fight to not have their compensation cut multiple times a year?

Blood Abnormalities Found In People With Long Covid

An ambitious study of people with Long Covid, the mysterious, disabling symptoms that can trail a SARS-CoV-2 infection, has turned up a host of abnormalities in their blood. The clues add to a body of evidence hinting at drivers of the condition and potential treatments worth testing.

Bottling The Monkeypox Vaccine Could Take Until Early 2023

The Biden administration is amid negotiations with several companies to bottle millions of new monkeypox shots. But officials say it could take months for those doses to be ready.

Hospital Monopoly: Changing The Game

Are hospital consolidations inherently bad for consumers? For me, the term "monopoly" brings to mind companies like Standard Oil, AT&T, Meta, and the omnipresent Amazon. So, when an article ran about a billionaire who is funding a "battle against hospital monopolies," I was intrigued.

This Startup Wants To Copy You Into An Embryo For Organ Harvesting

With plans to create realistic synthetic embryos, grown in jars, Renewal Bio is on a journey to the horizon of science and ethics. In a search for novel forms of longevity medicine, a biotech company based in Israel says it intends to create embryo-stage versions of people in order to harvest tissues for use in transplant treatments.

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